Send your demo

Requirements for admission and track demo:

- The track should not be published in any of the labels. Considering the cost of the label on the serious, advertising, design, mailing and promotion of each of the releases, the tracks will only be accepted on exclusive rights.

- Tracks should be fully copyrighted. Remixes are published only with the official consent of the author. Should not be used and the elements of the foreign tracks. Vocal samples and in exceptional cases only allowed from collectors with a mark royalty free.

- Demo adopted in mp3 - the link to the demo (which is the best to fill in for file sharing) will be sent by e-mail. Track itself accepted in Wav format.

Reception work has already begun. Work to be serious, but we are ready and able to work. If you want to participate in high-quality projects, increasing their level and developing together in the label, as one team - waiting for your trial!

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